Introducing the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast: Two Episodes now available!

The Garbanzo Team has been working extra hard over the past few months on a new, special project, and finally we can show you! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast, a bi-weekly podcast that will bring you interactive, easy-to-understand stories in Spanish written primarily for beginners.

The idea for a podcast has been cooking for awhile. Audio is available for the 1200+ lessons in the Garbanzo lesson library, with a Premium Subscription, but learners can only listen if they are in a class with a teacher who has subscribed. What about the billions of people in the world that aren't in a Spanish class? Language acquisition is for everyone, and our new, open-to-everyone podcast is now here to prove it.

Garbanzo Spanish Podcast now streamingEach episode of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast is based on stories that you are familiar with if you have used Garbanzo or taught with The Somos Curriculum. As we created the podcast episodes, we added new twists to familiar stories and built out new, downloadable activities. If you haven't used these stories in class, no problem! The stories are easy to build into any Novice language program.

The greatest part? The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast is a free resource in your classroom. You do not need a Garbanzo subscription nor must you own The Somos Curriculum. All the episodes and a corresponding set of printable activities are free to download. The only thing we ask in return is that you subscribe to the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast on whichever platform you get your podcasts and follow us on our social media channels:

Because today is our world premiere, we are releasing the first TWO episodes simultaneously! You are going to love them, and you can expect another new episode every two weeks during the school year.

Episode 1: ¿Qué dicen los animales?

Do animals make different sounds in different countries? In Season 1 Episode 1 of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast, Voice Artist Paulino Brener will help you discover what sounds animals make in Spanish. This lesson is intended for true beginners of Spanish: It includes a very limited set of vocabulary, which is used as a building block in developing the ability to describe things in Spanish. It is heavy in cognates and can be used on the first days of Spanish I or Exploratory Spanish. 

Core vocabulary: Dice/n, no dice/n. 

Transcript: Available here

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As a companion to each episode, we have some printable activities you can use with your class. Click here to download the activities for Episode 1.


Episode 2: Los pollitos dicen

Los pollitos dicen is a popular children’s song, and now you can learn about it, all in Spanish! In Season 1 Episode 2 of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast, Voice Artist Paulino Brener returns to share one of his favorite children’s songs with our audience. Since it is based on a song, you can learn it together in class!

Core vocabulary: este/a es, canción, hay, dice/n, país

Listen on Spotify: Episode 2

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Listen on Amazon Music: Episode 2

Transcript: Available here

Printable activities: Click here to download 

DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLES FOR EPISODE 2 HEREAny time you need a teaching tool, Garbanzo is there.

Both podcast episodes are based on lessons available in Garbanzo so that you can assign them to students and further their acquisition journeys. Garbanzo lessons are an amazing way to continue building what they have done in class in a self-paced fashion so they can process all the new information. Another great thing? Every lesson in Garbanzo is self-graded! All the teacher needs to do is check each student's final score at the end to get a feel for the degree to which each student understood each lesson.

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Accompanying lessons and additional links

Episode 1: ¿Qué dicen los animales? 

Episode 2: Los pollitos dicen

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Arcoíris game (used in Episode 2 printables): Instructions