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Learning Spanish can be difficult. Garbanzo makes it easy.

Teaching Comprehensibly From Day 1: How to Tackle the First Days of School

Language learners develop proficiency by spending time in environments where the target language is used extensively.

Homework Made Fun and Engaging with The Help of Garbanzo

Homework can be tough. But with the help of Garbanzo, it doesn't have to be! Garbanzo makes homework more engaging and fun for students of all ages.

Representation Matters: LGBTQIA Inclusion in World Language Classroom Reading Materials

This article argues that representation matters in the world language classroom. It makes the case for LGBTQIA inclusivity in reading materials used in middle school and high school Spanish classes.

4 Ways To Make The Classroom More Comfortable For Students and Teachers During Hard Conversations

Being a teacher, no matter if you are teaching Spanish or Math, has ups and downs. Some days, you have to leave content on the side when there are big emotions.

How to activate Google Classroom syncronization!

A small guide that will give you great results when you sync your classes in Garbanzo.