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Learning Spanish can be difficult. Garbanzo makes it easy.

Sai y Bagel - Episode Nine of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast Available Now!

Hear Bagel the Dog’s story, told in simple Spanish using controlled vocabulary so that even beginning Spanish learners can enjoy this story.

¡Cierra la puerta! - Episode EIGHT of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast Now Available!

Have you ever left the front door open? Did anything… or anyone… come inside? Haven discovers that leaving the front door open can have serious consequences.

EL DEDO DEL PIE PELUDO - Episode SEVEN of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast Now Streaming!

Episode 7 of the Garbanzo Spanish podcast is a spooky story for the fall, and it uses more complex language than the previous episodes in Season 1.

Podcast Episode SIX Available! EL PERRO BAILARÍN

In Episode Six of The Garbanzo Spanish podcast, you’ll learn about a pet that has an extra special talent.

NO PUEDES PASAR - The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast Episode Five is Streaming Now!

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” In Episode 5 of the Garbanzo Spanish podcast, our main character Ellie runs into a series of problems getting to where she needs to go.