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Learning Spanish can be difficult. Garbanzo makes it easy.

How to activate Google Classroom syncronization!

A small guide that will give you great results when you sync your classes in Garbanzo.

5 Ideas For Teaching About Sant Jordi in your Classroom

El Día de Sant Jordi is a celebration represented by books and roses. Men give roses to the women they love, and women give books to their partners.

The Garbanzo Planning Companion: At-a-Glance Guide to All Lessons

The Garbanzo Planning Companion is a simple, user-friendly tool that provides an at-a-glance view of all lessons in Garbanzo.

Using Garbanzo Texts as Bell Ringer Activities

One of the teaching strategies that I have found to consistently have a positive impact on my lessons and on student learning is to have a daily bell ringer.

How a chickpea became more than a legume: Garbanzo's origin story

Welcome to our new blog! Garbanzo has become more than an aid: It has become a reliable assistant in making Spanish comprehensible through stories.